Course dates: 14, 16, 18 January 2019

Between 20:00-22:00

What is Effective Communication Techniques Training?

One of the most important concepts of our age is communication. It is obvious that we all have some communication difficulties, including those who think it is the most social and communicate with the most people. Investigations done, whatever you do business, reveal that 80% of workplace losses are communication-related losses. As such, communication is one of the most important elements for system or system operation. So the success of your company depends in part on the communication skills of your staff. We see that there are a lot of communication-based losses especially in sectors where staff circulation is high. Sometimes, we see that there are nodes without solution, without talking about things that are not even a problem when they are spoken. Not only communication accidents, communication inadequacies, but also the confidence of the people, the organization is committed.

In terms of communication, speaking first is generally effective. My mind comes first to listen. I ask you if you want to ask about thousands of people in our trainings. Think about who you are most likely to feel closest to. I tell you the most basic characteristic of that person. Someone who listens to you without judgment, does not criticize you and listens to you for whatever it is. Did I know? I have never been mistaken in this question until I have asked thousands of people. There may be special circumstances, but we will not like someone who does not listen to us, judge us.

What Do We Provide in Effective Communication Techniques Training?

First we deposit the calculations together with the whole combination. We discover what kind of communication mistakes we make and even confess to ourselves. We are practiced with special tests and games, we spend the perfect day, we know the weather and ourselves, we discover our prejudices, we do not listen to what the budget, we discover ourselves. After discovering ourselves, we find what has changed in life when we are out of our lives. After we have discovered people’s communication types, what do we have to do differently to become a good communicator.

We have made this training, which is personally taken by almost everyone, with personal development techniques. Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis and Quantum Tools and our expert trainers are not trained to provide and educate everyone, regardless of intelligence type.

Who Should Attend Effective Communication Techniques Training?

  • Sales Personnel
  • Marketing Staff
  • Managers
  • Public relations
  • Educators
  • Office workers
  • Operators
  • Parents

Details of the training:

  • You can easily access our training from all your connected devices.
  • When you register for training, you will receive information about how to enter the training.
  • Participants will be able to see one of them because the training is done by webinar (video conferencing) method.
  • You will be able to ask questions and get answers as you train your questions.

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